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Frequently Asked Questions – Driveways in Fife and Edinburgh

  • My drive will “settle” after a little while. So sinking is inevitable – correct?
    No, No, and No! It will only sink if has not been constructed properly. We make sure that settlement will not occur.
  • The new surface is not as porous as the original so will puddles form?
    Puddles of rainwater only gather if proper allowance has not been made for water run-off. We ALWAYS allow for drainage.
  • What about weeds coming through?
    Again, weeds only ever grow through the new surface when the initial preparation has been substandard.
  • Do you use a textile membrane under the paviours?
    This is a cheap way of discouraging weeds. Unfortunately it isn’t that successful. So as a general rule we don’t use geo-textile membrane because we don’t need to. We prefer the tried and trusted technique of doing the job right in the first place!
  • Every company we’ve spoken to says they’ll do a great job. What makes you so special?
    Mmm  A good question. Well, first off, we are members of the Guild of Master Craftsmen. (You can find them at: http://www.guildmc.com ) They employ highly selective procedures before accepting new members. We are members of the Fife Trusted Trader Scheme. This initiative was set up by Fife Council’s Trading Standards department who, as you probably know, are not only concerned about the standard of work contractors achieve but also about their integrity, honesty and reliability.
  • Should I get my driveway sealed?
    Sealing should only be done professionally. DIY efforts quickly show signs of deterioration. We would also recommend that it isn’t undertaken immediately but after a period of at least 6 months has elapsed. We offer this as a service to our customers who want to enjoy the benefits of easier cleaning and that ‘finished’ look.
  • What happens if problems occur after my driveway has been built?
    We want to avoid this possibilty at all times, but problems can happen in spite of our best intentions. Our policy is that if we do the job right to start, then we have the resources to solve any unforeseen problems – rather than making EVERY job cheap-and-cheerful and then end up chasing around fixing things! Just let us know what’s wrong and we’ll sort it out for you.
  • Consumer complaints: If you have a complaint against us for any work carried out, then put this in writing to us at our main address as soon as possible. We will aim to resolve the matter quickly. As a member of the Fife Council Trusted Trader scheme we are bound by their consumer dispute resolution process and if we are unable to reach agreement then Trading Standards will provide an informal conciliation service, you can contact them on 01592 583141 or at trusted.trader@fife.gov.ukShould this process fail to conclude the matter, then a referral can be made to Ombudsman Services, www.ombudsman-services.orgwho provide an independent, expert dispute resolution service to the Fife Council Trusted Trader scheme. We will abide by their decision.

About Manor Drives – Driveways in Fife and Edinburgh

We’ve been constructing driveways in Fife, Edinburgh and Central Scotland for more than 20 years.